Best Free Mobile Games Without In-App Purchases

Mobile games are among the things that it's hard to write a definitive list. We are talking about a process involving hundreds of thousands of games spread across Android and iOS, covering a period of more than twelve years. Mobile gaming means that you can play games anytime and anywhere.. The problem is finding games without ads or in-app purchases, which is getting more and more difficult these days. Here's our list of the best free mobile games.

Best Free Mobile Games

Are you looking for free mobile games for Android or iOS? Then read on for our list of free to download games that can't be missed, none of which are in-app purchases!

1. Stranger Things 3: The Game

Do you just want to spend some time in a fun adventure game, or are you a Stranger Things fan? You need to try this game.
Stranger Things 3 takes players back to familiar events. The game is set in the third season of Stranger Things, so it's best to have a little knowledge of the Netflix series before you play it.
In this game, you are greeted with 16-bit graphics, harkening back to the golden age of gaming.Explore the world of Hawkins and you can play as many characters from Stranger Things 3.
Download: Stranger Things 3 for Android | iOS

2. Wicked Lair

This game puts you in the sinister place of what is usually the enemy in video games - the boss of the dungeon.
Tasked with building your own lair of evil and filling it with monsters and traps to destroy the pesky philanthropists who insist on invading and disturbing your peace. Make them pay, because you don't have to.
Download: Wicked Lair for Android


Data Wing is a great racing game that can be played for free in the truest sense of the word. The game offers elegant top-down races that use minimal graphics to give the feeling that you are racing within a computer system - the kind of atmosphere that is similar to Tron.
There is a 2-hour story to complete with around 40 levels to play through. The touch screen controls are easy to pick up and use even easier. All you have to do is tap on the right or left side of the screen to turn the ship in the corresponding directions.
Overall, this is a neat little racer that is fun to play and has a great soundtrack.
Download: DATA WING for iOS | Android

4. Warfare Incorporated

An old school favorite, Warfare Incorporated is originally for Windows Phones and PalmOS devices, but its style goes way beyond Command and Conquer real-time strategy games. You must build a base and produce an army to control the resources on the newly discovered planet Icarus.
Sure, Warfare Incorporated seems outdated now, but the experience has stood the test of time, and you won't find a more premium mobile RTS that's completely free.
Download: Warfare Incorporated for Android

5. Cytoid

A completely different option is Cytoid, which translates as a "community rhythm game" with a Guitar Hero/Let's Dance style.
In this game all you have to do is tap on the screen when the circles appear. Whatever happens, you are playing to music, a great soundtrack that takes you through the game.
Download: Cytoid on iOS | Android
All the mobile games we mentioned in this article are completely free and without In-App Purchases. However, the great graphics and well-thought-out story are quite impressive. Let us know if we forgot your favorite game!


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